School level

Currently teaching at Ahmedabad International School as an IB and IGCSE teacher, teaching Ab Initio and Language B SL. Also Provide private coaching to junior to high school students as well as professional coaching like DELF A1, A2 etc.

The student is able to acquire the following skills:

  1. Reading comprehension
  2. Listening comprehension
  3. Oral expression
  4. Written expression
IB Ab Initio
DP French ab initio


DELF-DALF Exams – 2017:

DELF A1 – Monday, 11 September
DELF A2 – Tuesday, 12 September
DELF B1 – Wedneday, 13 September
DELF B2 – Thursday, 14 September

DELF A1 – Monday, 04 December
DELF A2 – Tuesday, 05 December
DELF B1 – Wedneday, 06 December
DELF B2 – Thursday, 07 December

Cleared DELF A1 and A2

Its been a great learning experience studying with Anuj Sir. My interest in french has grown and in a period of 10 months i cleared 4 levels of french..:)…He’s very learned and doesn’t make learning a task. From being a person with absolutely no knowledge how to go about learning n understanding french i have myself started taking an active interest in it. thank you Sir for your guidance n tutelage. Hope to be a an absolute francophone soon. Merci pour vos efforts et A bientot.

Cleared DELF A1, DELF A2, DELF B1

Anuj Sir is an excellent teacher. He has guided me to learn french language, and because of him i developed a lot of confidence, and am very fluent in french now.He is not only a good teacher but a good mentor also. Due to his support and guidance, i am teaching french now in one of the most reputed schools in Delhi.I thank him for guiding me, and wish him huge Success in his endevour.

Cleared DELF A1

Learning french is not a big deal if you are learning it from Anuj. It is only Anuj who helped me to clear DELF A1 in just 2 weeks study. He is a very good tutor and a good friend. I recommend him as the best tutor in tricity. Merci Beaucoup.