"Language is Communication. Acquire this skill."

Speaking more than one language is a skill which will increase your marketability. Schools and employers tend to prefer candidates who speak one or more foreign languages.

Studying with a personal tutor is an excellent way to learn French. You’ll get personal attention and plenty of opportunity to talk. Of course you can learn the language on your own, but you will definitely need a tutor at some point to supplement your French learning with personal interaction.

There is no defined formula for learning how to speak French. There are, however, some techniques which will make your language study more efficient and thus help you to learn French more quickly. Anuj will help you acquire these techniques.

Augment your knowledge in French: Once you’ve learned the basics for your purpose, you can start learning French related to your knowledge and experiences – your job, your interests, and from there onto other aspects of French.

Courses Offered


    The course aims to prepare you to sit for the DELF A1 examination. It will also enable you to hold a short conversation in French in various everyday situations. Learn more


    After acquiring a basic knowledge of French, you’ve probably found some things you just can’t figure out how to say, or that people are always correcting you on. This course will help you overcome this.

    Learn more


    Provide coaching to students of junior high school and high school (4th standard to 12th standard). Learn more


    FRENCH on SKYPE is the new, convenient and easiest way !
    This course is apt for travelling busy executives and professionals. Wherever you are, learn French online from home or from your office via Skype.

    Study at your own pace and reach your goals fast. Our time scheduling is also flexible which enables you to take your classes whenever and wherever you want according to your availability.

    Private Coaching for all levels

    DELF/DALF Preparation
    Regular homework
    Conversation classes

    For immediate details and information leave a message at skype: anujjindal

  • DELF-DALF Exams – 2015:

    DELF A1 – Monday, 9 March
    DELF A2 – Tuesday, 10 March
    DELF B1 – Wedneday, 11 March
    DELF B2 – Thursday, 12 March

    DELF A1 – Monday, 8 June
    DELF A2 – Tuesday, 09 June
    DELF B1 – Wedneday, 10 June
    DELF B2 – Thursday, 11 June

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    • January 26, 2015 – Changes have been made to the List of areas of training and will be effective January 26, 2015.
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    • December 30, 2014 – Modifications to the selection grid for skilled workers, entrepreneurs, investors and self-employed workers
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