A bit about me

Have more than 6 years of experience teaching professionals, housewives, school and college students both for the professional/academic purpose. I began learning French from Alliance Française de Chandigarh in 2002 and soon after completing my French language diploma in 2004, began teaching French to a few keen people here and there—some adults, mostly school students while working as a Web Graphics designer for a well-known IT company in Chandigarh. I also cleared my DELF B2 in 2011 to upgrade my skill sets further in French.

After a few years of home coaching, I started my own Professional Coaching for DELF A1, DELF A2, DELF B1 using my own teaching methodology in 2008. I have also tied up with various institutions for professional coaching on a part-time basis which gave me stupendous results and recognition.

Due to my love for teaching and experimenting with new ideas, I began writing my own notes for professional and online coaching in order to reach a wider audience.

In 2010, I decided to create this website with the aim to provide the highest quality lessons, content and materials, but at the same time to make learning fun, whether it’s for adults or children. This has always been my ethos: If you enjoy it, you’ll learn quicker and more effectively. (And the journey will be so much better!)
Currently teaching in Ahmadabad International School and private students in groups, one to one basis and online skype coaching which is an economical and time-saving method especially for housewives and working professionals.

French connections

Anais Polet: A good friend and learned a lot during her visit to India. Always willing to help me whenever I need to know anything with regard to the French language or France.

Christine: She is one of those friends who are in touch with me for 3 years and still going strong— She has sent me 5 super French DVDs and lovely postcards and letters. The best part is that Christine can speak Hindi. Amazing, isn’t it?

Anne Laure: Anne was my first online contact in France. I started interacting wither with the intention to improve my French writing skills and she helped me on a continuous basis and I could manage to move ahead with her help.

Poonam Gopal: Poonam is a very good friend. Her name is Indian but she is French. I can ask her anytime for any help. It can be my French language queries or any information about France. It was fun to know about her link with India and sincerely hoped that she could have learned Hindi by now.

Natasha K.: No words can explain her gestures and her way of helping people. She is not only a good friend but a sister by contact. Natasha sends me a lot of postcards, French books, French DVD’s to help improve upon the language. She is always willing to converse in French with me. Natasha can speak and write Hindi and I wish her all the best in her life in whatever she wants to be. Thanks to her that I can manage to write good French letters.

Eric and Sylvie: Frankly not in touch with them, but yes I do remember their visit to Chandigarh and the fun we had. Hope one day they return to India and we meet up again.

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