My Mentors

Abhimanyu Sen

M. Abhimanyu Sen: He is the person who has played a big role in my success to where I am today. I still vividly remember my Level 2 classes with Abhimanyu Sir where I had the greatest time of my life. He is a great friend, a role model, a listener I can trust and someone who helped me to grow and learn.

Vandana Behl

Mme Vanadana Behl: First of all, I would like to salute Vanadana Madam for her superb teaching skills. She is a teacher par excellence. Her stamina, her skills and motivation level is amazing. It was her tireless encouragement that led me to do the DELF B2 certification. If I have any doubt, need some clarification or more information with regard to the French language, I can call her anytime. She is always supportive and always willing to guide you to improve.

Anais Polet

Anais Polet: Anais has played a big role in improving my speaking skills. She first travelled to India as a tourist along with her sister and bunch of friends and also became my good friend and then as a teacher at Alliance Francaise. She fortunately became my teacher for DELF B1:) It was during her tenure that I could manage to clear DELF B1. She is a great listener and motivator and her way of delivering lectures are incomparable at higher levels. I feel that I could have cleared DALF C1 if she was around for a couple of more months.


Mme Smitha Chakravarthy: Smitha is one of those teachers who bring out the best in you. She was my teacher at Alliance Francaise de Bangalore for 1month. It was a strenuous 6 hour daily French training for one month. During this training, I picked up skills in the language within a month which I could not in my 2 years of previous learning. Training was for Market Research Analyst organized by TCS. Everyone thought of her as someone who was tough and strict but personally I feel that was her job to make us work and train for TCS requirements. The training was tough but learnt a lot from her. She was able to see all the latent talents among the team members and helped to draw out those innate abilities.
I still owe my French language skills to her. Whenever I get an opportunity to pursue higher level of studies in the language, I would love to be taught by her.