Cleared DELF A1 – Skype Online

Thank you sir, 100s of times. I had never such a teacher whi is having this much patience. I know you felt many hurdles and problems to teach me. You were compelled to allocate even your sleeping time for me. Thanks sir, a lot. By the way i want your classes for DELF A2 also, sir.
Jareer (Kerala)

Cleared DELF A2 – Skype Online

Monsieur Anuj, I truly appreciate your savy way of teaching, if I could prepare and appear in a month's time its bcoz of ur inputs and logical way of teaching which makes more sense. Thanks and we will continue for B1:)
Parthiv (Mumbai)

Cleared DELF A1

Anuj is an excellent French tutor with good teaching skills. I never thought that I will speak french but once I started learning it from Anuj, It became very easy and now I can Listen and speak french very well. Thanks a lot Anuj.

DPS, Chandigarh

Anuj sir is an excellent teacher. His teaching methods helped me in scoring 92% marks in my class 8 french exam. Thank You sir.