WHICH IS EASIER - French or Spanish?”

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

The first step to kickstart your new language-learning journey is to look for a motive. For example, if you are looking to travel to Spanish speaking regions like Spain, Mexico and Central and South America then go for Spanish Language and if you are moving to France, Canada, and Luxembourg, also in much of Africa, plus Haiti and Lebanon. , then certainly go for French Language.

Now, if you just want to learn for FUN, the big question arrives is “WHICH IS EASIER - French or Spanish?”

Being a fluent French Speaker and intermediate in Spanish, I would advise you to go for any language to start with.

1. Both languages are very close to each other in terms of concept. For Spanish and French, their lexical similarity is about 75%. In comparison, Spanish and English have a lexical similarity of only 30-50%, and French and English of only 40-50%. That’s because not only are the Spanish and French languages neighbors, but from the same family of romance languages.

2. Lots of French and Spanish words look very similar to each other. That can also be observed between the Spanish and French languages is the number of shared grammatical features. On a basic level, this can be seen in things like sentence structure, but both languages also possess the following more specific grammar features:

  • Gendered nouns

  • Formal and informal words for “you”

  • Verbal conjugation

  • Two versions of the past tense

  • Use of accent marks

3. Difficulty level: Strictly speaking, both get pretty tricky when you go all the way down the grammar hole. Yes, French has a lot more difficult pronunciation in comparison to Spanish but with few techniques and rules you can easily master that. So according to me “More or Less is the same difficulty level”.

4. Current Surroundings : I believe your current surroundings can play a major role in learning a new language. If you feel you can have easy contact with French people then go for French so is for Spanish. Apart from learning a new language the important part is how much you apply your knowledge. So the more you speak the better you learn.

And there you go. The above mentioned are the factors you should consider when deciding whether to learn French or Spanish.

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